Checklists and Worksheets

student holding a list

For many events, the Office of University Events serves primarily as a resource for the host department.  With this role in mind, University Events has provided a detailed Master Event Checklist of items to be completed before and after an event.  The checklist is comprehensive and can be tailored for any type of gathering. In addition to listing items that should be performed weeks in advance, it includes “Week of the Event Logistics” and “Day of the Event Logistics.” The Events Office also developed Event Worksheets to be used in conjunction with the Master Checklist. The Events Worksheets examine in great detail every aspect of the event from invitation design to parking arrangements.

Event Tip #1 Additional tips

Have a clear purpose and vision for your event and make sure each element of the program reinforces that vision. Before the big day, take a mental walk through the event from a guest’s perspective. Is your message being delivered?