Sample Event-Planning Documents

Sutton Upper Gym staged for Distinguished Alumni Awards

Wake Forest University held their annual Distinguished Alumni Banquet in the Sutton Center on campus on 4/21/17.

University Events typically uses the same types of documents for each event we organize. These materials range from the work order submitted to Facilities to the Event Summary created soon after the event takes place.  The items below are examples of event-planning documents used for recent on-campus events.

Facilities Work Order
A work order is submitted to Facilities & Campus Services to perform a series of tasks before and after each event. The detailed request often covers custodial duties and instructions for venue/stage setup with specific dates and times given for each task. For any campus event requiring work that will “directly or indirectly alter any campus facility,” Facilities & Campus Services requires that the event organizer submit an online Special Event Form. Because University Events’ work orders are so detailed, our office creates each work order in Word Doc format for our  event file and then copies/pastes that information into the “Special Instructions” field of Facilities’ online form. The attached work order illustrates how specific the Facilities request should be in terms of timing and tasks.

Event Summary
This document is created after an event takes place in order to gauge the event’s success. The Event Summary should address all elements of the event, both highlights and shortcomings, and offer recommendations for improving specific aspects of the event.

Event Planning Timeline and Checklist
A spreadsheet detailing the event planning process step by step. The spreadsheet should begin with items like message development and conclude with post-event tasks such as paying invoices and creating an Event Summary. Each task should have a deadline and completion date so that progress can be easily tracked.

Name Tag Template (Black and White Logo)
Name Tag Template (Color Logo)
Printable on Avery 5395 labels. The guest’s name should be typed in Times New Roman in a font size ranging from 24 to 28, depending on how much information (title, class year, department, etc.) besides the name needs be on the tag.

Keynote Speaker Itinerary
Detailed summary of special guest’s visit. This document should cover all travel arrangements (hotel, flight, ground transportation), and should also provide details about each item on the speaker’s agenda, listing any administrators and/or students involved in the speaker’s visit.

Parking Map for Sign Placement
Parking Memo for Sign Placement
Facilities and Campus Services will set up and remove parking signs for a fee. The request to place parking signs around campus should be addressed in the larger Facilities work order. Event organizers also need to submit a request online specifying which lots/areas are needed for the event and the projected number of cars that will be on campus. Visit Event Parking to review the reserved parking policy and download a request form. Be aware that reserving parking space requires a subsequent online request (and payment) to University Police to secure the lots. Also note that event organizers provide the parking signs and when Facilities staff collect the signs for distribution, a copy of the memo and/or map should be attached to each sign.

Event Program Timeline
Detailed breakdown of the event’s program.